Environmental Policy




Sovereign Press Pty Ltd recognises that its products and business operations have an influence on the environment and thus have made a commitment to pursue an Environmental Policy that will ensure minimum impact to the environment and our stakeholders.


In 2012 we became FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of custody certified SA-COC-003735, with means we have implemented a system of chain of custody to ensure that FSC certified products supplied to us are contained and finished as a FSC product allowing it to bear the FSC logo.

By choosing an FSC certified product, consumers can be sure that the forest where the products are sourced from are managed to ensure that high conservation value areas and endangered species wildlife habitats are maintained or enhanced, key stakeholders have been consulted, workers & Indigenous peoples’ rights are respected, whilst ensuring that the production is economically viable. We have also made a commitment that all our stock standard paper is FSC certified whether it is a FSC specific job or not.

In 2013 we became a Low Carbon Economy Member (#LC313) and Certified Make It Carbon Neutral (#LC313). We are externally audited every 12 months to calculate and monitor our carbon footprint. Every single job that is printed in our digital department is 100% carbon neutral at no additional cost to you. Contact us for the logo to add to your artwork so you can communicate this with your end user. If you would like your offset or large format job to be carbon neutral please make contact with us and we will let you know the additional fee.


Identify, evaluate and control environmental effects of our operations and use the calendar year as a reporting period to conduct an internal audit on these effects.

Regularly review and set environment objectives and targets to continually improve our environmental performance.

To train management to continually expand our knowledge on our environmental impact and our ability to reduce this.

Pursue a waste management program to ensuring waste product is minimises, increasing the amount of recycled matter and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Consult with industry, community and interest groups on environmental management issues.

We will continue to meet our FSC accreditation requirement and educate consumers on FSC. We will continue our commitment to be a LowCo2 business and promote our ability to now offer individual jobs as carbon neutral.

Specifically we make a commitment to:

  • use vegetable based inks
  • eliminating the use of isoporpol alcohol in production
  • reducing use of chemicals in production
  • recycling all aluminium plates


At Sovereign Press we never want to stand still, we are always looking at ways to improve. In the future we would ideally like to implement solar power and water tanks as we have at our own homes.

In the next year we would like to look at obtaining Sustainable Green Print environmental certification which is an accreditation provided by the Printing Industries Association of Australia focusing on being able to assess and monitor our own environmental impact.

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